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To all those whom I have never met on the felt or through everyday life, my name is James Ross. This is the first entry in what I hope to be a very informative poker blog. I decided to create this blog as a means to track my progress as a professional poker player and cash game specialist . I also hope it may serve as a possible inspiration to those who wish to play professionally. 

Poker is a predictably volatile game, but when played with skill and discipline, the rewards can be great. If you are just looking to supplement your income, I will teach you the methods I use that have allowed me to become a winning player. My story may inspire you. The information I provide, if followed, can take your game to the next level. 

This blog will provide a glimpse into my everyday life and exactly what it means to be a poker pro both on and off the tables. You will see how I approach the game, handle my emotions at the table, manage my money, and even how poker affects my personal relationships. I currently reside in the consistently sunny city of Fort Lauderdale in the retirement state of Florida.

The average temperature is a comfortable 77 degrees Fahrenheit paired with blue skies and a bright sun, so as you can imagine it’s hard to stay indoors. But when I do decide to spend time inside, it’s at the tables where specialize in cash games. I play $2-$5 No Limit Texas Hold’em (NL) where I have averaged around $55 an hour over my last 3000 hours.

Photo taken Sept 26, 2014
Photo taken Sept 26, 2014

Do not read this lightly, to obtain positive results consistently in poker is a challenge. To earn an income that would equate to $100,000 a year if treated as a full-time job is a herculean effort. This is not meant to be a boastful statement, but instead as a word of caution. There are many more people who have lost it all in poker, than climbed to its peaks. 

As of now I play poker part-time. I devote the majority of my time to other business endeavors which I hope to explore on this blog as well. In the near future, I will be taking my game to the next level, figuratively and literally, $5-$10 NL, and if all goes well it will be my regular game. In the past six years I have earned over $350,000 playing poker part-time. 

I have done this in a variety of manners which include playing poker, hosting and dealing poker events as well as coaching poker. This may or may not appear to be a lot of money to you, but the money is real and the incredible sense of freedom it provides is real as well. I began my poker adventure with only $16.67.

In the upcoming post we analyze what it means to be a poker pro.