Poker is, and likely always will be, a tough way to make an easy living. That said, it can be a long hard road to prosperity when making the journey alone. Without the guidance of an experienced poker coach too often players take a long and tumultuous path, wasting too much time, money and making mistakes before achieving ultimate success.
By working with a coach or mentor your learning curve is greatly shortened, enabling you to earn more profits in less time. Regardless if you are brand new to poker, or have years of experience under your belt, we invite you to apply to work with our proven team of coaches.
We welcome you to share your objectives with us so that we can determine if coaching would be ideal for you. Our free initial consultation will include a feasibility analysis and help you establish a preliminary strategy to begin achieving your goals. If we both determine that our coaching program is right for you, we have several programs that can suit your needs and budget.
Coaching Hourly Two Hour Minimum $100/Hour
Two Month Coaching Program  Ten 1 Hour Coaching Sessions $600


 Six Month Coaching Program, Twenty One 1 Hour Coaching Sessions $1,000

I also do group lessons for $150/hour/minimum two people max five people.