Mentor Program

Mentor Program Benefits 

Poker mentorship is an extremely beneficial program developed for those who are looking for a long term relationship and want to play poker for a living.

I am offering:

  1. Two thirty min-one hour face to face meeting or phone calls a week.
  2. Opportunity to Sweat 1-2 of my sessions a week.
  3. I will sweat 1 one hour session a month.
  4. My personal email access to send me hands that get analyzed before other subscribers.
  5. In depth hand analysis.
  6. Coaching on any particular issue you are struggling with.
  7. My knowledge and life experiences revolving around poker.
  8. Guidance and advice.
  9. Listening ear on any and all topics you wish to discuss.
  10. Goal and theme setting exercises.
  11. Encouragement and inspiration.
  12. A genuine interest in your questions and concerns.
  13. Openness and honesty.
  14. Help establishing warm up & cool downs customized for you.
  15. Advisement on professional development.
  16. Access to all my resources, books and poker training subscriptions.
  17. The opportunity to receive a stake based on progress and development. 
  18. Bankroll management advice.
  19. Life Management and Balance
  20. Relationship Skills


I only mentor 5 players in any given month.

Rate: $1500/Month

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