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The questions below will test your basic poker knowledge.

Some of the questions below and similar ones will be on the required test if you wish to be staked.

If you wish to be staked, coached or mentored click here for more info.

  1. What is a cbet ?
  2. List 3 bad flops to not c-bet 3 way first to act after raising with a tight image? 
  3. List 3 flops that would be 50/50 to c-bet or not based on above scenario and why?
  4. What factors do you consider when c-betting?
  5. Why do you bet in poker ? List 4 reasons.
  6. Name two bad reasons most recreational players bet. Why is their thinking flawed?
  7. Rate yourself as a player 1-10
  8. Do you consider yourself a math player or a feel player? What’s better in your opinion? Why?
  9. Do you like to gamble?
  10. What is a bet sizing tell? 
  11. What is reverse implied odds ? Give an example?
  12. Is bluffing essential in poker? If so why? 
  13. What does it mean to value own yourself? Is this good thing or bad thing to do? Why?
  14. What is table image? Is it important? If so how & why?
  15. Are you competitive? 
  16. What is stack to pot ratio? How does this factor into your decision making?
  17. Are you familiar with the commitment threshold? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?
  18. What dose it mean to be balanced? Is this important & why?
  19. What is the difference between absolute and relative position? Which is better & why? Is the other ever better any particular circumstances? How so? 
  20. What is the difference between a polarized & depolarized range?
  21. In your own words what is risk reward? 
  22. What is bluff equity?
  23. What does top of his range mean in poker? Give an example. 
  24. What is the difference between absolute hand strength and relative hand strength?
  25. What do you feel some of the top qualities professional poker players have in common? 
  26. What does it mean to raise fold? 
  27. What is fold equity?
  28. What does it mean to double barrel? Give me an example when this play is profitable. 
  29. What is meta game?
  30. What is game flow?
  31. Is it better to play a tight aggressive style, loose aggressive style or other? Why? 
  32. What do you feel are the most common mistakes made in poker? Name 3. Why do you feel people make these mistakes?
  33. What dose it mean to bet fold?
  34. In a neutral EV situation what factors should be considered when making the decision?
  35. What is the difference between a wet board & a dry board?
  36. What is a Mississippi straddle?
  37. What is a combo bet?
  38. What is a squeeze play?
  39. What is your ideal situation to make a squeeze play? 
  40. What is a monotone board? 
  41. Is there ever a good time to limp utg? If so when and why? 
  42. How long are your sessions when you play? 
  43. How many of hours of study do you currently put into poker a week on average?
  44. How many hours of study do you think you should put into study a week? 
  45. Do you tilt ? What puts you on tilt? Do you continue to play when you tilt? 
  46. When do you put in your longest sessions? When your winning or losing?
  47. Do you set a stop loss when you play poker?
  48. When do you bet to protect your hand in N-L?
  49. What poker books have you read?
  50. What does it mean to set mine?
  51. How do you determine if set mining is profitable or not in any given situation?
  52. What is thin value?
  53. What is bluffing frequency?
  54. Is a $100 bet large or small?
  55. Convert 1/4 to a ratio?
  56. Convert 1/8 to a percentage?
  57. Convert 5:1 to a fraction?
  58. Convert 2:1 to a percentage?
  59. Convert 9:2 to a fraction?
  60. What are the odds of rolling a 1 or 2 when rolling a die?
  61. What is the probability of rolling a 4 when rolling two dice?
  62. What is variance?
  63. What is game selection? How do you apply it?
  64. How would you rate your mental game 1-10? Why?


If any of these questions happened to be difficult, you may want to consider hiring a coach or a mentor.


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