My 10 Reasons Players Fail To Excel


1. You exercise poor bankroll management.

2. You play too many hands in general, especially out of position.

3. You don’t take stack sizes into consideration when making decisions.

4. You sit in unprofitable games.

5. You bet to “see where I’m at” and/or for protection.

6. You let your emotions get the best of you and go on tilt.

7. You hit and run when you win and play too long when you are losing.

8. You play too systematically – like a robot. Poker is a people game.

9. You don’t consistently work on your game away from the table.

10. You don’t warm up and cool down before and after your sessions.


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I have worked smart not hard to become a winning poker player.

Poker takes discipline not necessarily hard work. Work smart to become disciplined. If you work hard to become disciplined you will succeed at anything you put your focus into.


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